Biometric monitoring device manufacturer


US and Europe

  • 24/7 Reassurance of on-site remote engineering support and expertise
  • 10+ Year multi-site, multi-year, multinational Programme Partnership
  • Full traceability of: components during assembly; completed products though the supply chain and into the marketplace
  • Annual market demand for the product increased from 3 million units at launch to over 50 million units currently
  • Regulatory approval for sale on the US market led to lines being installed in the US and massive volume increases
  • Monitoring device now transforming the lives of over 1.5 million patients daily
  • On schedule roll-out to multiple assembly lines in manufacturing sites in Europe & US
  • Catalyx continuously innovated and improved the software platform and delivery model to meet the client’s global market demand for the device
  • Recall-free production of millions of units of serialised product since market launch
  • Acknowledged as being among the most successful product launches in the history of medical device manufacturing

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